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My name is Fethi El Hassasna, I am a Mobile developer
with a keen eye for Design. Based in Algiers, Algeria

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Mobile Development:

I create a native mobile apps using:

+ Swift and Objective-C for iOS devices.

Example Project: FRadio DZ - Algeria Radio

+ Java and Android SDK for Android devices.

Example Project: JNews - Algerian Newspapers
Web Development:

I create websites using:

+ Front End : HTML 5 and CSS 3 / SASS;

+ Javascript, jQuery, ReactJS and AngularJS.

+ Back End : PHP and MySql.

Example Project: Book-Search using ReactJS
Desktop Development:

I create desktop application using my favourite programming language C++ and the Qt Framework.

Example Project: Driving School Manager
Graphic Design:

I use Sketch, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.

Example Project: Karate Grading Certificates

I play with Autodesk Maya for: Modelling, texturing and lighting 3D scenes.

Example Project: 3D Interior Design

I enjoy drawing using:

+ Traditional media (Pencils).

Example Project: Fan-Art Collection

+ Digital painting with Adobe Photoshop and Wacom graphic tablet.

Example Project: Arrow - Oliver Queen
Skills :
iOS Development :90%
90% Complete
Android Development :85%
85% Complete
HTML 5 / CSS 3 / SASS :90%
90% Complete
Javascript / jQuery / Ajax :55%
55% Complete
React JS / Angular JS :50%
50% Complete
PHP / MySql :45%
45% Complete
Git (Version Control) :80%
80% Complete
C++ / Qt:75%
75% Complete
Sketch 3 :80%
80% Complete
Adobe Illustrator / Photoshop:60%
60% Complete
Autodesk Maya :40%
40% Complete


Mobile Apps

FRadio DZ
Numbers Into Words

Open Source

Book Search using ReactJS
Arabic Version Of impress.js
PHP Login System

Web & Graphic Design

Bloodna Website
Bloodna Logo
My Portfolio Design v 3

Portfolio Design v 2.x

SR Cosmetics Logo Design

Karate Grading Certificates

Art & 3D

Digital Painting
3D Design


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